Using Social Networking Sites as Medium of Instruction at Tertiary Education During Covid-19 Situation in Bangladesh

Volume 5 Issue 3
Md. Fajlay Rabbi Marzia Khatan Smita Shoeab Mohammad
Pages: 258-264 Download Count : 916 View Count: 1036 DOI Number 10.24331/ijere.741644 Facebook Share on Google+ Save to Zotero Save to Mendeley


he objective of the study was to investigate the use of social networking sites as medium of instruction at tertiary level during COVID-19 in Bangladesh. All the participants were from various public universities in Bangladesh. Data was collected from both faculty members and students Major findings of the study reveal that (1) Most of the people use Facebook for social networking in Bangladesh; (2) Most of the students and teachers use cellular data for social networking; (3) Most of the faculty members think social networking site is a very easy medium to communicate with students; (4) Anywhere, anytime teaching-learning can be possible with the help of social networking; (5) Most of the respondents think that the students of rural areas in Bangladesh had fewer access in social networking sites due to lack of network support and technology. Ultimately, social networking site can be a very useful tool for teaching-learning in emergency situations where face to face teaching-learning is not possible.


  • Social networking sites (SNSs)
  • Facebook
  • COVID-19
  • teaching-learning in emergencies
  • Tertiary level.
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