The Opinions of Nurses Who Study for a Master's Degree With Regards to Distance Education

Volume 2 Issue 2
Gönül Sarıkaya
Pages: 34-43 Download Count : 2339 View Count: 2788 DOI Number 10.24331/ijere.327808 Facebook Share on Google+ Save to Zotero Save to Mendeley


This study's purpose is to determine the opinions of nurses who study for a master's degree via distance education with respect to distance education.The research sample consists of 20 nurses who are employed at the Hatay district of the city of Izmir.In the research, 6 questions were asked to nurses in order to determine their views and opinions about distance education practices, the problems they experienced and the positive and negative aspects of the distance education method. The interviews which were audio-recorded were then transcripted into written documents and their data were analyzed through the descriptive analysis method.The research results revealed that master's degree education through distance learning was generally considered to be effective. Master's degree education through distance learning met the students' expectations of the master's degree education. The immediate reasons why nurses preferred distance learning turned out to be the work hours during daytime due to employment and the duties and responsibilities that are undertaken due to marital status. It was found that the most positive aspect of a master's degree education through distance learning was time and location flexibility. It provides a great deal of ease and advantage in the education of occupational groups who work full time such as nurses. The difficulties they experienced during the distance master's degree education turned out to be information technology problems and lack of sufficient interaction. According to the results of the study, it's possible to put forward suggestions that would increase the availability of master's degree education through distance learning for more people so that women who are actively employed and who also have serious duties and responsibilities in family life can engage in lifelong learning and realize their potentials.


  • Learning nurses
  • master's degree
  • distance education
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