The Educational Problems of Migrant Children: Findings and Recommendations

Volume 7 Issue 4
Özlem Yüksek Telsaç Savaş Karagöz Cüneyt Telsaç
Pages: 345-354 Download Count : 831 View Count: 755 DOI Number 10.24331/ijere.1161837 Facebook Share on Google+ Save to Zotero Save to Mendeley


Migration emerges as a result of many factors. It can occur due to many reasons such as sociological, economic, political and environmental. It is possible to evaluate the effects of migration as a result, but considering that migration itself is a major factor that can cause sociological, demographic, economic and political changes, it would not be wrong to state that it represents a real cause with this role. Migration elements that can be developed in different geographies may show similarity, or they may arise from completely different and region-specific reasons. Migration can take place within the borders of the country or outside the borders of the country depending on many reasons, as well as it can develop singly or massively, voluntarily or compulsoryMigration has a structure that deeply affects human life in every sense and causes great changes. Even if people migrate voluntarily of their own free will, they may have to face some adaptation problems and social differences. This situation; can cause extremely distressing results for asylum seekers and refugees who migrate forcibly. The difficulties that arise can be even more dramatic, especially for migrant children. In order to cope with these new challenges they face; it is of great importance that especially children from other countries learn the spoken language and culture of the place they go to as soon as possible in order to overcome the problems. At this stage, the inclusion of immigrant children in the education system and the guidance services to be implemented play a decisive role.In this study, using observation and literature review methods; the difficulties faced by immigrant families regarding education and especially the problems that arise in terms of foreign children are discussed and some suggestions are made for solutions. © IJERE. All rights reserved


  • Migration
  • education
  • child
  • language
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