School Board ‘Visibility’ During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Education Management Musings From A Tripartite Case Study of Schools in Central Uganda

Volume 7 Issue 4 (October 2022)
Gyaviira Musoke Genza
Pages: 232-243 Download Count : 341 View Count: 609 DOI Number 10.24331/ijere.1118132 Facebook Share on Google+ Save to Zotero Save to Mendeley


School level education management requires the active involvement of both school administration and the board of governors. Without board’s supervisory eye, school administration may easily lapse to the detriment of education quality. How, then, did school boards execute their oversight mandate during the difficult times of COVID-19? Using a tripartite case study design, the study examined school board ‘visibility’ in school management during COVID-19 with focus on the ensuing education management lessons. Results showed that, during the pandemic, the visibility of different school boards varied from ‘considerable’ to ‘no visibility’ depending on certain interesting factors. It was concluded that there is no single uniform descriptor of board’s visibility during an emergency such as COVID-19. Secondly, there are both materialistic and altruistic antecedents of boards’ visibility levels. The study serves as a correction to the stakeholder model’s excessive faith in board members’ disinterested commitment to service of the common good. It also recasts the question of board membership for better school management.


  • School board
  • board of governors
  • COVID-19
  • education management
  • case study
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