Examining Chinese University Students’ Digital Nativity and Its Effect on Their Intentions to Use Technology in English Learning

Volume 8- Issue 1 (January 2023)
Ailin Xie Fang Huang Mingyan Zhao
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Digital natives demonstrate distinct characteristics compared with digital immigrants. Considering the importance of analyzing learner traits in language education, this study explores Chinese EFL learners’ digital nativity and its effects on their intentions to use technology for learning English. A questionnaire was used to collect responses from 109 university students. Results from data analyses suggested that Chinese EFL students had positive responses to digital nativity and behavioral intentions to use technology. In addition, growing up with technology and striving for instant rewards significantly influenced their technology-using intentions, while the influences from being comfortable with multitasking and reliant on graphics for communication did not achieve significant levels. Based on the findings, the study provides some suggestions to governments, policymakers, and teachers to consider students’ features when promoting technology-enhanced language teaching and learning.


  • Chinese students
  • digital nativity
  • technology
  • English learning
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