Assessment of Informal Learning Program on Weather Phenomena: Its Perception and Necessity in Greece

Volume 5 Issue 4
Kyriaki MAKRİ Elissavet GALANAKİ Ioannis KOLETSİS Vassiliki KOTRONİ Konstantinos LAGOUVARDOS
Pages: 315-334 Download Count : 1452 View Count: 1846 DOI Number 10.24331/ijere.753774 Facebook Share on Google+ Save to Zotero Save to Mendeley


The inadequate approach of the weather phenomena, the associated atmospheric processes as well as their impacts at the Greek education led to the creation of the learning program "Peri Anemon & Ydaton", by the meteorological unit of the National Observatory of Athens. The program, which is presented to Junior High School and High School students, is structured into five thematic sessions and covers eight learning goals, the implementation of which was assessed using a multipleresponse questionnaire. In general, the program "Peri Anemon & Ydaton" is a vivid example for the efficiency of informal learning programs. Furthermore, it is the first attempt for the recording of the results as an assessment of an informal learning program on weather and climate in Greece. The learning program "Peri Anemon & Ydaton" is implemented with the approval of the Educational Policy Institute of Greece, thus indicating its pedagogical adequacy


  • Informal learning
  • meteorology
  • assessment
  • perceptions.
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