AnalysisofBased Test InstrumentsLocal Wisdomof Terbang Papatto Measure Mathematical Representation Capabilities in Learning Physics

Volume 4 Issue 4
Danis Alif OKTAVİA Ahdika SETYADİ Warsono Supahar
Pages: 555-563 Download Count : 1593 View Count: 1842 DOI Number 10.24331/ijere.628331 Facebook Share on Google+ Save to Zotero Save to Mendeley


This study aims to analyze the mathematical representation ability test instruments based on local wisdomof terbang papatto high school students. The research method used by compiling the instrument grid based on aspects of the ability of mathematical representation based on local wisdomof terbang papat, which is then used to compile indicators and items. The test instrument consists of four indicators of the ability of mathematical representation, each of which has five items and has been validated by expert judgment, physics teacher and peer reviewer. The validated instrument was tested on 338 students from two high schools in Kudus Regency. Data obtained in the form of polytomus data, then analyzed using Partial Credit Model (PCM). The results obtained showed that all test instruments of mathematical representation ability were proven to be fit with PCM, reliability of test instruments was declared reliable based on PCM results, total information function was between -2.00 to +1.8, difficulty indexes were more than -2.0 and less than 2.0 (-2.0 ≤b≤ + 2.0) which means all items are in good category. Thus the ability test instrument based on terbang papat local wisdom can be used to measure the ability of students' mathematical representation according to the partial credit model based on the five categories of polytomus data


  • Development of instruments
  • Test the ability of mathematical representation
  • physics
  • politomus
  • PCM
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