An Analysis of Vocational High School Students’ Ecological Intelligence in Coping With The Impacts of Climate Change on The Socio-Economic Life of The Poor

Volume 4 Issue 1
Watsiqotul Mardliyah Sunardi Leo Agung
Pages: 26-32 Download Count : 1865 View Count: 2229 DOI Number 10.24331/ijere.467081 Facebook Share on Google+ Save to Zotero Save to Mendeley


Climate changes bring about a lot of impacts to people all at over the world. However, the impacts of climate change will be even worse if it occurs and is felt by the poor who are in nature vulnerable to various disasters such as flood, drought, landslide etc. This article aims at exploring students' ecological intelligence and critical awareness on the impacts of climate change towards socio-economic aspects of the poor communities. This study is under the research paradigm of descriptive-qualitative, which aims at systematically describing facts and characteristics of the studied subjects objectively. The data was collected in-depth interview method and organized using the inductive reasoning principles, which then generated an organized theory on the basis of such assumptions, which finally placed as a reliable hypothesis to be examined. The discussion over climate change is traceable from the ecological competence that argues climate change remains a controversial issue and is urgently addressed, for it affects the survival of human life on earth. In this study, it is argued that the climate change may not merely caused by natural factors, but humans’ life activities as well. Therefore, the ecological competence is highly needed to examine the occuring climate changes, especially within the socio-economic life of the poor.


  • Climate Change
  • Socio-Economic Life
  • The Poor
  • Ecological Intelligence
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