Volume 6 -Special Issue (December 2021)

December 2021

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A Proposed Program to Improve Spelling Among Students with Learning Disabilities in Saudi Arabia

AbdulMehsen Ahmed M AlSwaeed
Pages: 456-466

The study aimed at presenting a proposed program to improve the spelling of students with learning disabilities in the elementary stage. The study sample consisted of (8) students with LDs in the fifth grade of primary school. The study used the semi-experimental approach, and for the purposes of the study, a test was applied to the sample. The results showed that the errors represented by (addition) are the most common spelling errors among the students of the study sample, then deletion, then replacement. There were no statistically significant differences at the level of (0.05) between the mean scores of the students of the control and experimental groups in the pre-measurement of the spelling difficulties. There were statistically significant differences at the level of (0.05) between the mean scores ranks of the experimental group students in the pre and post measurements of the spelling difficulties observation card for students with learning difficulties (total) and the dimensions (add - delete - replace), and the differences came in favor of the post application. There was a statistically significant difference between the mean scores of the experimental group in the pre and post application of the performance test of spelling skills, and this indicates the effectiveness of the proposed program to improve spelling among students with learning difficulties.

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Understanding of Current Higher Education System: A focus on the Interpretation of Marxism Over Time

Youngsik Hwang
Pages: 467-476

This paper discusses the role of Marxism to understand the current higher education system in terms of the theoretical lens. Marxism has been the academic foundation to explain various regimes of communism in some areas of the world, and it still has an impact on the theoretical background to describe specific characteristics of industrial development over time. While prior studies have examined Marxism in terms of specific academic areas, such as economics and business but, there are rare studies that combine the current development of the current higher education system. This study provides the importance of Marxism to the higher education system and how the theoretical approach justifies diverse characteristics of current higher education development. Finally, this research shows the aspects of the revised Marxism framework that could explain the current higher education system and give implications for higher education researchers to reorganize the current educational system

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Communication Problems Affecting the Lives of High-School 12th-Grade Students

Yasemin YILDIZ Ömer Faruk TUTKUN
Pages: 477-485

In this study, it is aimed to reveal the communication problems faced by high school 12th grade students in their lives. Semi-structured interview model, one of the qualitative research methods, was used in the study. Interview form was used as data collection tool in the study. The study group of the research consists of 24 high school students in Pendik district of Istanbul province. The data obtained from the interviews have been analyzed using the method of descriptive analysis. The findings obtained in the research are given below: 1- The communication problems that high school 12th grade students face with their families are mostly not to understand and to make pressure. 2- High school 12th grade students' communication problems with their friends are mostly insecurity, selfishness, gossip and slang speeches. 3- The communication problems that high school 12th grade students encounter with their teachers are mostly misunderstanding and humiliating behavior. 4- Communication problems that high school 12th grade students encounter in social life are mostly rude behaviors and intolerance. 5- According to high school 12th grade students, effective communication should be most within the framework of understanding, listening and respect for each other.

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Investigation of Research on Educational Decision Making: A Content Analysis Study

Mehmet Nesip Öğün Serdar Yurtsever Burak Demir Yücehan Yücesoy
Pages: 486-491

The aim of this study is to examine the studies published in Google Scholar, ERİC, EBSCO, Messenger science, Web Of Science, Science DirectSpringer Nature, IndexCopernicus indexes in the last 6 years by comparing them within the specified variables and examining them with content analysis method. This analysis was carried out according to six main criteria, in light of which the years of publication of the researches will be looked at according to the languages they are published, the methods they use, the number of authors, the distribution of authors by their gender and their distribution according to bibliography ranges. In the last 6 years, the words decision making and decision making in education have been scanned and the data has been collected in the indexes determined in the collection of the data. In the analysis part of the data, the studies obtained were separated in Excel pages according to the criteria and interpreted by painting with percentage and frequency distributions.

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Attitudes of Learning Disabilities Teachers Towards the Learning Difficulties Program in Aseer Region

Abdullah Mohammed Hadi Hamdhi
Pages: 492-500

The current research aimed at identifying the attitudes of learning disabilities teachers towards the learning difficulties program and their level of achievement motivation in Aseer region. The researcher used the descriptive approach (survey), and to achieve this goal, a questionnaire was prepared, and the validity and reliability of the research materials were verified. The instrument was applied to a sample of (69) teachers. The results showed that the mean score of the questionnaire was (3.90) with a standard deviation of (0.90), which means that the study sample agreed with the learning difficulties program and the level of achievement motivation they have. The results also showed that there were no differences between the opinions of the study sample regarding the learning difficulties program and the level of achievement motivation they have in Aseer region according to the variable (years of service). There were no statistically significant differences (0.05) between the views of the study sample on the learning difficulties program and the level of achievement motivation they have according to the variable (academic qualification). The researcher recommended several recommendations, such as paying attention to developing a learning difficulties program on a permanent basis according to the needs of students with LDs, providing training courses for teachers of learning difficulties to change their orientation towards programs of learning disabilities.

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Evaluation of the Leadership Qualities of Principals Regarding the Prevention of Noise Pollution in School: A Case Study

Mızrap Bulunuz Nermin Bulunuz
Pages: 501-525

The purpose of this study was to reveal the leadership qualities of school principals in solving a noise problem at school. A single case study was selected as the research design. The study group consisted of primary and secondary school principals, one female and three males, working in the schools where the project was conducted. The main data collection tool of the study was interviews with the school principals. In addition, the study was supported with researcher observations and documents. The data were analyzed with inductive thematic analysis. The data were analyzed with a descriptive, explanatory and interpretive perspective in the context of noise prevention at schools. Four main themes emerged from the interviews with principals regarding noise at schools: "the noise problem," "administrative leadership," ”educational leadership," and "solution suggestions," The results show that participating in a project to prevent noise at schools has increased principals' awareness of noise and improved their leadership qualities in solving the noise problem. Principals think that their schools are quieter than before and that the average academic success of their schools has increased. As a result, it has been determined that acoustic improvement, noise awareness training, rulemaking, discipline, value creation, and culture formation are needed to create a quiet learning environment at schools.

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