The Role of Parents in Improving the Behavior of School’s Students in Azena Primary School, Ethiopia

Volume 4 Issue 3
Gedifew Sewenet Yigzaw
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The major purpose of this study is to investigate the role of parents in shaping students’ behavior in Azena primary school (primary first cycle (Grade 1-4) and primary second cycle (Grade 5-8)). The study was descriptive in nature. 40 teachers were selected through census survey method for questionnaire and 10 parents were selected for key informant interview purposively. The collected data were analyzed and interpreted using simple descriptive statistical tools, frequency and percentage. This study reveals that the contribution of parents in improving student school behavior is low due to lack of proper training strategies and poor home-school interaction. This study indicates that improper rule and regulations, negative relationship between student and teacher, lack of continuous monitoring and evaluation of school administrators, poor teaching method, inadequate school facilities, unusual monitoring of parents, and the school administrators are causes of indiscipline. The result found that giving rewards and praises for students behaving well and involving parents are more effective in producing desirable behavior in the school. Besides, the involvement of students in the formulation of school disciplinary policy has been viewed as a good strategy, which most likely can influence them into accepting and showing commitment towards it. Therefore, this study recommends that parents and all school staffs should work together so as to minimize the disciplinary problems of students and to foster the role of parents.


  • Parents
  • Home-school interaction
  • Participation
  • Disciplinary problems
  • Behavior
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