Psychological Analysis of Moral Judgment: A Literature Review

Volume 6 Issue 4
Nihan Arslan
Pages: 430-432 Download Count : 1020 View Count: 1383 DOI Number 10.24331/ ijere.1010479 Facebook Share on Google+ Save to Zotero Save to Mendeley


A person’s happiness depends on mental health as well as physical health. If an individual’s mental health is good, s/he generally tries to come to terms with the environment and establishes normal relations. In other words, the mental health of the individual is very closely related to his/her relations with the environment. Even though people suffer from different levels of problems of adaptation to the social environment in terms of what civilization brings, they nevertheless have to adapt to the environment and regulate their harmony. Moral consciousness and moral behavior develop when the individual and society are in the process of mutual interaction. This process of interaction can be better explained when the characteristics of the parties involved can be set out and distinguished as clearly as possible. The processes of moral thought and consciousness must therefore be examined and defined in order to be able to define and understand moral action, because the moral quality of behavior depends on the ability to make moral judgments. The aim of this research is to examine the concept of moral judgment from a psychological perspective. The findings of the study will be discussed within the scope of the relevant previous literature


  • Moral
  • moral judgment
  • review
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