Development of Quiz Card Media to Improve Reading Skills and Critical Thinking on Student

Volume 4 Issue 3
Ristuhi Anggar Kusumadewi Waspodo Tjipto Subroto
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This study aims to develop and test the feasibility, practicality, and effectiveness of learning media in the form of quiz card-based learning media to improve reading skills of understanding and critical thinking. The research model used is the Borg and Gall research and development (R & D) model. The feasibility of learning media is based on the results of validation. The practicality of the media is based on the results of observations on the implementation of learning, student activities, and media practicality questionnaires. The effectiveness of the media was tested by nonequivalent control group design. The results showed that quiz card-based learning media were feasible, practical, and effective. Quiz card based learning media has an influence on student learning outcomes. This can be seen from the results of the t-test showing that tcount which is 2.671> than ttable 2.093. The use of quiz card-based learning media also received a very good response from students, which amounted to 90.5%. Based on the results of these studies it can be concluded that the quiz card-based learning media is feasible, practical, and effective to improve reading skills in the fifth grade students' understanding and critical thinking in Tuban State Elementary School.


  • Critical thinking
  • learning media
  • nonfiction text
  • quiz cards
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