Cultural Issues in Indonesian Language Learning for Foreign Speakers

Volume 4 Issue 3
Ichsan Fauzi Rachman Andayani Suyitno
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This study shows that the existence of culture in Indonesian language learning for foreign speakers (BIPA) has an important role. In addition to being used to enrich teaching materials in BIPA learning, cultural content is able to introduce Indonesian cultural identity to the international realm, both locally and nationally. Cultural content in BIPA learning is also one of the strategic steps that can be applied as a strategy to face MEA. Through cultural-based BIPA learning, it is expected that foreign students who learn Indonesian will be closer and know about multiculturalism in Indonesia. This research was conducted at State Universities in Surakarta City, namely UNS and IAIN. Data collection techniques are carried out in three ways, namely (1) Observation, (2) document analysis, and (3) interview. The data validity technique in this study is triangulation technique. Meanwhile, the studies discussed in the study were about the implementation of culture-based Indonesian language learning carried out at state universities holding the BIPA program in Surakarta and several relevant literature studies.


  • Culture
  • Bipa
  • Learning
  • Indonesian language
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