Availability of Laboratory Facilities on Students’ Performance in Upper Basic Schools in Kwara State, Nigeria

Volume 7 Issue 4
Florence Omosholape Abidoye Ahmed Mulkah Adebisi Ahmed Aduke Rihanat Maroof Zainab Aliyu
Pages: 262-267 Download Count : 1219 View Count: 975 DOI Number 10.24331/ijere.1151372 Facebook Share on Google+ Save to Zotero Save to Mendeley


The study was carried out on the availability of laboratory facilities in teaching of Basic Science on the Students’ academic performance in Upper Basic Schools, Kwara State, Nigeria. This target population for the study was all Basic Science Teachers in Kwara State, Nigeria, four hundred and sixty-nine (469) Public Upper Basic Schools and three hundred and sixty two (362) private schools are available in the study area. The researcher designed teachers' questionnaire and was administered to two hundred and thirty six (236) Basic science teachers that were selected from forty-seven Upper Basic Schools (47) from both public and private schools in Kwara State. Researcher-designed validated questionnaire was used to extract data from the respondents on the teachers 'influence on the performance of students in Upper Basic Schools. Three research questions were raised with two hypotheses which were tested. Percentage and t-test statistics were used to analyze the facts collected. The finding showed that influence of Basic science teachers on the performance of students in Upper Basic Schools in Kwara State, Nigeria was significantly. It was also significant based on gender and on year teaching experience of Basic science teachers. According to the findings, it is suggested that; the educational authorities and the school system should encourage the use of available resources by providing for them, the necessary materials that will influence Basic Science performance and enhance students learning. Basic Science teachers should re-assess their classroom instructional practice because there is a need for them to shift from instructional practice that will give the male and female teachers’ equal opportunities to excel in instructional activities. The less-experienced Basic Science teachers should be allowed for cognate experience and help encourage the experience to acquire more experience.


  • Availability of Laboratory Facilities
  • Teaching
  • Basic Science
  • Students Performance
  • Upper Basic Schools
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