A Study on Awareness of Social Rights and Privileges for Women among the Female Understudy Educators

Volume 4 Issue 3
Vinnaras Nithyanantham Rekha N
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The aim of the current study is to determine on awareness of social rights and privileges for women among the Female Understudy Educators. The Indian Constitution has sanctioned the State to implement measures in favor of women for nullifying the collective socio-economic, educational and political shortcomings faced by them. Anti-social activities against women: dowry, sexual harassment and other deaths are recorded each day in Indian newspapers, according to the national crimes statistics bureau. Who will become the instruments for justice? It is none but the teachers, the women teachers. To instill proper values and to bring awareness to the younger generation, the teachers must be sensitized at first. The women who aspire for teaching profession must get proper knowledge, understanding and awareness regarding rights and privileges of Indian women. So, the investigator initiated to the present study on awareness of Female Understudy Educators regarding rights and privileges for women. The sample for study is selected from Female Understudy Educators in Chennai city Teacher Training Educational Institutions. The sample counted in Female Understudy Educators selected randomly from B.Ed Integrated and B.Ed Normal courses. From the present study the investigators could infer that, the Female Understudy Educators need more awareness related to personal, familial and social life. Even though there was moderate and high level of awareness for 92 per cent of the sample, eight per cent of the sample had low level of awareness. If the present trainees or the future teachers get awareness on social issues, they can impart this awareness to all the female students. It is essential that every citizen of India, especially every woman must have awareness about the constitutional and legal rights.


  • Teaching community
  • Social Rights
  • B.Ed Integrated and B.Ed Normal
  • Female Understudy Educators.
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