Volume 5 Issue 4 (October 2020)

October 2020

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The Inclusion of Knowledge Economy Concepts in the Omani Social Studies Textbooks

Jalila Al-Balushi Saif Al-Maamari
Pages: 274-286

The study aims at identifying the degree of inclusion of knowledge economy concepts in social studies curriculum for grades (3-12) in the Sultanate of Oman for the concepts of knowledge economy. The data were collected and the concepts were constructed by the Delphi method over three consecutive rounds, The study was applied to the sample consists of 20 social studies textbooks for grades (3-12) at the rate of (20) books for the first and second semesters at the level of the three grades, The results showed that the first indicator: the institutional system of the state represents the highest degree of inclusion of the concepts of the knowledge economy. The ICT system index represents the lowest degree of inclusion of the concepts of the knowledge economy in the content of textbooks for grades 3-12. The results also indicated that post-primary education for grades 11 and 12 comes first in the degree to which they include the concepts of the knowledge economy according to the four indicators, followed by (5-10), while none of the textbooks of the first level of basic education on concepts of knowledge economy. The study recommended the need to include the concepts of the knowledge economy in different grades and stages, and to carry out more research and studies, renewable and continuous, which ensure the concepts of economy Knowledge in different textbooks and stages in line with the requirements of the knowledge economy

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Does Motivation, Personality and Environment Influence Enthusiasm of Generation Z to Contuining Study to Higher Education?

Soleh Husniyatus Salamah Zainiyati
Pages: 287-295

This study aims to analyze the influence of motivation, personality, and environment on students ‘interest to continue their studies to college. we used a sample of 162 students at 12th grade. Data analysis techniques using multiple linear regression analysis. The results show that motivation and environment significantly influence towards enthusiasm for continuing to higher education. However, not with personality variables. This proves that even though generation Z students have pragmatic personalities, underdeveloped social relationships, caution with their emotions, individualists, and open thinking, have not been proven to have an influence on interest in continuing their studies. So, even if the personality is good or bad does not have an influence on the interest in continuing their studies to college. Because of that, cooperation between family environments, school and community environment especially peer interaction very needed. The role of the main family environment in the lives of students, the family environment is expected to always support what is aspired by their children, especially in sub-indicators of family environment which has a moderate mean of social class and economic status.

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Investigation of the Leadership Qualifications of School Managers in Educational Administration: The Teachers' Views

Salih Sarışık
Pages: 296-307

In this study, it is aimed to determine the efficiencies of school managers in educational administration by getting teacher opinions. The research’s field of study includes totally 40 teachers ( 21 female , 19 male ) who works in Sapanca, Sakarya: 10 pre-school teachers, 10 primary school teachers, 10 secondary school teachers and 10 high school teachers. In the e search, teachers were asked 6 questions to find the proficiencies of school managers in educational administration by getting teacher opinions. Since the interviews were made in computer environment, they were recorded digitally and then turned into written documents. At the end of the research, the proficiencies of school managers in educational administration according to the teacher opinions were evaluated under 6 titles. It was mostly declared by the teachers that managers should be fair. When evaluated as academically, it was stated that they should support the students and give importance to education more than enough hand also was mostly declared that they should motivate and award the students to improve their academic success. In terms of social activities, it was stated that they should provide all kind of opportunities by thin kind the personal differences of the students. Finally, when evaluated as their attitudes towards teachers, it was indicated that they should be fair, respectful managers who can communicate well.

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The Effect of a Simple Reward Model on the Academic Achievement of Syrian Dental Students

Pages: 308-314

Reward systems in teaching are important keys which aim at enhancing students’ academic achievements. Studying the effects of rewards, as extrinsic motivators, on college students is somehow underestimated in the literature. The aim of the current study was to investigate the effect of a simple tangible reward on the academic achievement of Syrian dental students. A total of 139 dental students, assigned to four classes, were enrolled in the study. After completion of a first exam, all students who got full marks (i.e. 20 marks) were awarded a “Certificate of Achievement”. Four weeks later, a second exam related to the same course took place, and the same process of certification for students with full marks was performed. Records of students’ marks of both first and second exams were collected and statistically analyzed. The results showed no statistically significant differences between groups (i.e. classes) neither for first exam nor for second exam marks. The mean of marks for the first and second exams were (10.62±4.88) and (14.63±4.07) respectively. The difference of means’ records for all students between first and second exams was statistically significant. It was concluded that a tangible reward in the form of “certificate” had a positive effect on the dental students’ academic achievements. Enhancement of students’ motivation through reward systems should come under focus in higher educational institutions.

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Assessment of Informal Learning Program on Weather Phenomena: Its Perception and Necessity in Greece

Kyriaki MAKRİ Elissavet GALANAKİ Ioannis KOLETSİS Vassiliki KOTRONİ Konstantinos LAGOUVARDOS
Pages: 315-334

The inadequate approach of the weather phenomena, the associated atmospheric processes as well as their impacts at the Greek education led to the creation of the learning program "Peri Anemon & Ydaton", by the meteorological unit of the National Observatory of Athens. The program, which is presented to Junior High School and High School students, is structured into five thematic sessions and covers eight learning goals, the implementation of which was assessed using a multipleresponse questionnaire. In general, the program "Peri Anemon & Ydaton" is a vivid example for the efficiency of informal learning programs. Furthermore, it is the first attempt for the recording of the results as an assessment of an informal learning program on weather and climate in Greece. The learning program "Peri Anemon & Ydaton" is implemented with the approval of the Educational Policy Institute of Greece, thus indicating its pedagogical adequacy

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Physical Activity Practitioners: Reducing Infection with Coronavirus

Pages: 335-342

Physical activity is carrying out a conscious voluntary physical effort, as the body gains health and protection from diseases. There are many different types of physical activities. It is possible to do walking, running, jumping, climbing, etc. These matters are important in a person’s life, so if the individual does not like a type Among them, there are many options, and there are many games that are practiced as a kind of entertaining sport such as football, basketball, and small games. Therefore, everyone must set hours per day to exercise, especially during the home ban that results in lack of movement, excessive eating, and more sleep with The possibility of weight gain and thus the high risk of developing serious and chronic diseases such as: diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis, in addition to mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, fatigue and stress, which in turn leads to psycho-motor disorders. The researchers used a questionnaire that was distributed to 80 persons from the Algerian community, whose ages ranged from 45-55 years, during which a set of questions was asked and the answers were closed in the selection of them chosen by the researchers, and the most important findings of the researchers in their study is that physical activity and exercise within the limits The house contributes effectively to feeling healthy and safe from diseases, improving the recreational side and avoiding psychological pressures.

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The Predictive Effect of Father-Child Relationship on Peer Relationships of Young Children

Pages: 343-352

The purpose of this study is to examine the predictive effect of father-child relationship on peer relationships of young children. The population of the study comprised of 5–6 year-old children (N=105), who were attending the kindergarten class of primary schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education in Denizli, as well as their fathers. A relational survey method was used in this study. A Personal Information Form, developed by the researchers, Child-Parent Relationship Scale (Father Form), the Child Behaviour Scale, and the Peer Victimization Scale were used to collect data of the study. Father-child relationship significantly predicted levels of prosocial, aggressive, asocial, excluded, hyperactivity-distractible, and peer victimization behaviours of young children. Accordingly, it could be concluded that father-child relationship is effective on peer relationships of young children

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A Critical Review of Data Mining for Education: What has been done, what has been learnt and what remains to be seen

Pages: 353-372

This article provides a thorough review of educational data mining (EDM) in the period 2015-2019. Going beyond earlier review works, in this article we examine previous research from a variety of aspects, including the examined data, the algorithms used, the type of conclusions drawn, the educational level/setting of application and the actual exploitation of the results in the educational setting. Our findings indicate that tertiary education dominates the EDM domain, while minimal focus has been given to secondary education and almost none to primary education. Our finding, and suggestion, is that by focusing EDM on earlier education level the field can have a more profound impact on education and on society as a whole

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Investigation of the Textbooks Based on Problem Based Learning to Improve Student Learning Outcomes in Thematic Learning

Maulana Agung Prabowo Sarwanto Roemintoyo
Pages: 373-379

The purpose of this study is to develop textbooks based on problem based learning to improve learning outcomes of fourth grade elementary school students. This article is a research and development that follows the Sukmadinata research procedure. This research consists of three stages, namely the exploration phase, the development stage and the testing stage. The output of this research is problem based learning textbooks that are effective for implementation in the classroom. The application in the class shows that textbooks based on problem based learning can improve student learning outcomes in thematic learning on the theme of Beautiful Diversity in My Country. This improvement can also contribute to the success of teachers towards the implementation of the 2013 curriculum. In addition, this Problem Based Learning (PBL) approach can motivate students in the learning process while helping to understand students' concepts. Moreover, the theme we raised in research (The Beautiful Diversity in My Country) can improve students' critical thinking skills in exploring things in their own country.

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