Improvement of Mathematics Teacher Performance ThroughAcademic Supervision With Collaborative Approaches

Volume 5 Issue 3
Isa Anshori Suwidiyanti
Pages: 227-242 Download Count : 1241 View Count: 2063 DOI Number 10.24331/ijere.735935 Facebook Share on Google+ Save to Zotero Save to Mendeley


This study aims to understand the improvement of mathematics teacher performance in learning through academic supervision with a collaborative approach. Using school action research; two cycles are carried out, with 4 stages, namely: Planning, Implementation, Observation, and Reflection. The research subjects were determined purposively, consisting of six mathematics teachers class Ten, Eleven, and Twelve in a well-known high school in Indonesia. Data collection is done through focused observation, in-depth interviews and documentaries, and using academic supervision instruments. The results showed that the use of collaborative approaches in effective academic supervision could improve the performance of mathematics teachers in high schools. This increase in performance was seen in all the tasks and responsibilities of teachers, starting from preparing and developing learning plans (19.40%), implementing the learning process (22.40%), evaluating the process and learning outcomes (4.55%), implementing the follow-up activities of student assessment results (33.00%), to complete the administration of learning (5.84%). This improvement occurred because the supervision carried out in schools was carried out collaboratively, with full peer, involving various components of the school.


  • Mathematics teacher performance
  • academic supervision
  • collaborative
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