Digital Flipbook Media as a Media for Health Promotion in Youth: Research and Development

Volume 4 Special Issue-2019
Marsiana Wibowo Erni Gustina Suci Musvita Ayu Liena Sofiana
Pages: 725-733 Download Count : 164 View Count: 192 DOI Number 10.24331/ijere.628717 Facebook Share on Google+ Save to Zotero Save to Mendeley


Digital Flipbook is one of the multimedia-based media that is recommended to be developed because it can be accessed with gadgets or laptops. This research is Research and Development level 4, which is researching and testing in creating new products. Researchers developed the Digital Flip Book with the title Me: Teenagers and My Health. The purpose of developing this media is to increase the knowledge and attitudes of adolescents after reading the Digital Flipbook. This media design is a cover page, content (introduction to adolescent reproductive health situations, adolescent definitions, risk behaviors in adolescents which consists of understanding, impact, and prevention of premarital sex, violence, and early marriage), and improving adolescent reproductive health. The results of media development from media experts said that based on the assessment aspects, namely simplicity, cohesiveness, emphasis, balance, shape and color, the results obtained 91.67%. The media to be used must be simple, easy to use on a gadget or laptop and balanced color combination. Material expert assesses 97.22%. The language used in media must be easily understood, not a textbook, by the target of adolescents. Thus, a digital flipbook entitled "Me: Teenagers and My Health" is suitable for use in health promotion among adolescents and further field testing. This media has been tested on target, with the result that knowledge is good as much as 51.9% and a positive attitude as much as 59%. Thus, the media has been used. However This process affects the output of learning using the application as a medium for health promotion for adolescents.


  • Adolescents
  • digital flipbook
  • reproductive health
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